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wall art | vintage French advertising blotters (buvards)

Buvards were often small versions of larger poster advertisements that adorned city streets, the metro etc. Often these posters and buvards were designed by leading illustrators of their day - Cappiello, Savignac, Morvan, Villemot are just a few of the well regarded artists.

Buvards were supplied to schools and businesses to blot up any spilled ink and were very common in France from the late 19th century until the early 1970s when biros and ballpoint pens became predominant.

With the rise of the ballpoint pen came the decline of the buvard. 

What is remarkable about most of the buvards produced throughout the 20th century is that they were beautiful objects. They were lithographically printed and have retained their rich colours. 

Essentially purchasing one of these lithographs is like buying an artist's work on paper. 


Available for retail and wholesale.

wall art | vintage scrabble

These gorgeous and fun pieces combine my love for words with my passion for all things vintage.


Made with genuine vintage boards and vintage timber tiles, these capture a serendipitous moment where game and expression collide.


They can be made to order and are sold framed with raw timber that echoes the wood of the tiles.


Available for retail and wholesale.

wall art | street directory assemblage

The advent of GPS and satellite navigation has made maps and street directories things of the past. And yet there is something beautiful about the structure and utility of maps.


These pictures are made from vintage Gregory’s street directory pages. The mapmaker was Clive Barrass. The maps are topped with a Japanese vintage tin litho toy car from the 1950s.


They are assembled with archival quality mounts and foam core and are sold either framed or unframed.


Available for retail and wholesale.

wall art | vintage playing cards

These gorgeous playing cards date from the 1920s to the 1950s. They make a lovely addition to a bedroom, study or living area. 


I only use original vintage cards and affix them  (slightly raised) to archival quality mounts.


There are two sizes available, A4 and 6"x8" to making framing easy and economical. Alternately I can arrange framing. 


Available for retail and wholesale.

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