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about me

twice designs is the work of Sarah Barnett.


It's a celebration of vintage style, illustration and sensibilities.


With a product range that includes original vintage advertisements, maps and games, twice designs is about making you smile, remember and enjoy.

It's about putting things of the past in a new context. Seeing something afresh. Recognising the functional things that were incidentally beautiful. Allowing the joy of nostalgia to blossom and delight. 

twice designs also offers a service to interior designers seeking vintage, one-off and bespoke products for their clients. 

About me

With a background in history and journalism I have a deep affection for historical ephemera and the paraphernalia that informs our understanding of social history. I am passionate about vintage design and illustration and convinced that these connections to the past can delight and entertain us. 


Given my background I am fascinated by provenance and context. It is not just the objects that I find fascinating by their role, purpose and what they can tell use about those who have lived before us.


twice designs is about second chances - recycling, recontextualising and relishing the incidental beauty of all manner of vintage design.

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